Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of the common questions our clients ask us regarding debt review.
For further information, please speak to our debt councellors.

Who qualifies for debt counselling?

South African citizens who receive an income.

Is the process confidential?


What are the costs involved?

The fee structure for all registered Debt Counsellors is:

    • Restructuring Fee (First instalment of the debt repayment plan by the Payment Distributor Agency).
      This fee will vary depending on the amount of money available to repay debt, but will not exceed R6000. (Should your restructured payment be R1500, then this will be the Debt Counsellor’s Fee)
    • After-care Fee (Commences in the second month of instalments).
      All payments throughout the debt review process are being monitored, the fee for this is:    5% of the monthly instalment of the debt repayment plan (maximum R400) for 24 months, then 3% of the monthly instalment of the debt repayment plan (maximum R400) for the remaining period of the debt rearrangement plan.
    • Rejection Fee
      Should the application be rejected a fee of R300 will be charged.

Do I have to meet with the Debt Counsellor?


How long does the process take?

After approval of your application, your debt will be restructured within 60 working days. You will be under debt review until all your debt has been repaid or until your circumstances change to a point where you can afford the full payments.

What does it mean to be under debt review?

    • You will be listed on the credit bureaus and therefore, you may not apply for credit or continue using existing credit facilities.
    • No legal proceeding can be taken against you whilst under debt review.
    • You need to disclose all information to the debt counsellor - should you act outside of these instructions - the debt review will be terminated.

Can I still apply for debt counselling after being summonsed or if I have judgements against me?

Yes, the amount being summoned for will not form part of the restructured payment plan, but we will negotiate with the specific creditor to agree to include this in the restructured payment plan, although they are not obliged to accept it.

Can creditors refuse the repayment proposal?

Yes, the creditor can reject the repayment proposal, although they are likely to accept a reasonable offer. Should they reject the proposal, a magistrates order will need to be obtained.

Will I be listed on Credit Bureaus?

Yes. After completion of the application form - all credit bureaus will be informed that you are under debt review. After you have received a clearance certificate stating that your debt has been cleared - your name will be taken off from the Credit Bureaus.


Anyone who owes any amount of debt can apply for debt counselling.
In terms of the National Credit Act (NCA) you may formally apply to a Debt Counsellor for debt relief if you are unable to meet your financial commitments.

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